Whether it's a car that didn't live up to the hype, didn't drive or perform as well as you thought it should've, or just didn't feel like it was screwed together all that well. It can be from this year, or forty years ago, so long as it was new and not used when you looked at it.

I know for me, it was the Jeep Commander. My family went to look at one back in 2007, and it was the most underwhelming car I've ever been in. All the reviews called it a solid family SUV, but in reality, it was appalling. Even with a 5.7 Hemi, it had no get up and go, partly because the auto-tragic transmission took so long to shift, you would be forgiven for thinking you'd bumped it into neutral. The ride was bouncy and firm, and so generally unrefined that they should've just made it body-on-frame, because the unibody did absolutely nothing for it. And the interior was awful. Despite the fact that the one we looked at was fairly loaded up, with "leather" and "wood", every single thing creaked and felt cheap and plastic-y and disposable, because it was. True, the Dodge Journey I once sat it was probably worse, but it made no pretense of being anything more than a base crossover. The Commander was supposed to be a civilized semi-luxury SUV for use in suburbia as much as on the trails. And it wasn't. It was terrible. Never mind the fact that I also find it ugly.

So, Oppo, what's the most horrid, underwhelming new car you've ever sat in/driven?