I just blew $1,800 bucks on a car that, a few weeks ago, I wasn't entirely sure I was going to keep. So what changed my mind? I still hate the patio chairs that Chrysler calls seats in my base SE Charger, I still hate the squeaky dashboard, and I still hate the imbecilic automatic transmission with its "close your eyes, and just pretend that's Mila Kunis" version of manual shifting.

In the time I've spent to find a replacement, I've come to realize I'm just burnt out on trading in and trading out of cars, and bored with trying to find one that fits my picky tastes and miser budget, especially since I try my best to adhere to a policy of personal abstinence when it comes to anything front-wheel drive (yeah, yeah, I hear you). I'm also a bit tired of dealing with dealerships and dumbasses. So, I guess my car with all of its faults will have to do, and when next winter rolls around, I'll just change the tires.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to live with those faults. I'm just going to fix them over the course of the year. So that's why I spent enough money to buy a second car on my only car. Was that wise? You know what? At this point, I don't care.

Until now, however, the most I ever spent on a car after purchasing it was $500 bucks for an engine swap in my old Buick with a bulge in the hood. I gotta say, I'm not thrilled with the balance in my checking account, but that's part of it.

So, enough chatter from my end. What's the most you've spent on your ride?

Blake Noble manages Ignitionist.com, which you can find on Twitter @ignitionist. In less than a decade, he's owned more than a handful of derelict and less-than-devine automobiles, including two barely functional Camaros and an '80s Buick having a post-midlife crisis. That is, really, in no way impressive and is just plain sad, you're right. All hate mail, tips, and kudos can be sent to theignitionist@gmail.com. Thanks so much for reading!