What's the official OPPOcar tally at the moment?

Because I have +1 to add to the Jazz/Fit pile.

We recently found out that we have MKII child(!) on the way, and the wife’s Skoda CitiGo just isn’t going to cut it anymore - especially not considering we also obtained a MKI doggo in December - so a replacement is necessary.

Key shopping criteria; It MUST be red (child), be manual and bigger than the CitiGo (wife), and then there’s all the superfluous things that I care about- like ride and comfort, safety, reliability, practicality, and cost of ownership. So enter the new ride, a 2013 Jazz Si.


The Si is just a tarted-up version of the regular 1.4 SE, the only changes being some minor suspension upgrades and the addition of the bodykit. And as such, even with the range-topping engine and a manual box, it still has all of the performance of a wet cabbage, with a soundtrack to match.

Now, as popular as they are in the UK, the Jazz carries an OAP stigma with it and is normally reserved as the vehicle of choice for the chronologically challenged, so I understand Honda’s intentions with the Si.


Not wanting to look any older than my (age-defying) 33 year old looks, and assuming that my wife doesn’t either, an Si with its slightly chiseled and younger good looks would fit the bill nicely.

When this one flagged up for sale I jumped on it, took it for a test drive, and... I guess I sort of get it now?

Interior plastics are pretty terrible, but the dashboard ergonomics make up for this

Within its segment there really is nothing comparable to it on the used car market today, especially when it comes to reliability, and it ticks so many boxes when you just want a perfectly decent and usable car which has a couple of practical tricks up its sleeve. The gearbox has no right to be as good and snickety as it is. The handling (on the Si) is mid-weight and responsive enough. The visibility is superb. The Magic Seats, so practical! The dog fits in it alongside a buggy. It’s definitely not perfect. I wouldn’t have bought one new, but as it stands - used - it’s a really good little family car.


So yeh, happy with our purchase, and +1 Jazz for the Oppo pile. Also rangy Romanian rescue mutt approved.

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