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what's the Oppo plan for the new year?

I’ve stopped giving a fuck so I’ll probably order a pizza, smoke some (legal) cannabis, and maybe watch a movie. No alcohol - long story short, drank way too much over the past week, gonna stay off alcohol for a little while (I still love it, though).

I saw Avengers: Infinity War last night and found it enjoyable - although I’ve been really burnt out on hero flicks for the past couple of years, I did enjoy Thor: Ragnarok, but found movies like Black Panther or Doctor Strange to be somewhat forgettable. It has me looking forward to the next Avengers, but what I’m kind of hoping for is a major loss for the heroes - I love the uncomfortable, slightly unfulfilled feeling that Infinity War finishes on. It would be disappointing if the “hero makes an inevitable comeback” story is just spread out over two movies instead of one - comebacks are fine, but I hope there are some irreversible consequences.


Rather than a traditional feel-good ending, I want something soul-crushing like Logan, as soul crushing as you can make for a PG-13 mass-market flick.

Tonight, I’m not sure what I should watch. I’m going to stay away from Bandersnatch for a while since I’d like to go into the new year a faint glimmer of hope.


P.S. Why don’t the X-Men fit anywhere into this universe? They’re still a Marvel creation, and I still remember watching some episodes as a kid with X-Men/Spiderman crossovers.

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