Why do people insist on speeding up BEFORE they reach the sign indicating that the speed limit has increased?

Maybe unlike the rest of the population, I have a cousin that got nailed for doing 20+ over as she sped up leaving a town before she reached the 55mph speed limit sign.

Hearing her story, I learned my lesson. And why break the law in the first place? Well, break it by THAT much anyways....

Everyday I have some jackwagon that ASSUMES I want to increase my already 5-10mph over the limit by double that by speeding up BEFORE I get to the sign ahead that states a limit increase. So the jackwagon assfuck cuntface starts tailgating me. Usually until I reach the sign and I accelerate, then they back off.


I don’t get it, people. But when YOU get that ticket for doing 54 in a 25 because you floored it before the 55mph sign... well that’s on you, bud. Just make sure there’s no one in front of you.