As everyone has been made well aware, gas prices have been steadily going back up. I am curious as to what others on here are experiencing, so I would like to conduct a little survey.

The average price of regular gas in the US is right around $2.92 a gallon as of this morning. I won’t limit it, though, so for those of you outside of the US, please feel free to chime in on this.


You don’t have to mention the city you live in if you prefer not to, but it would be helpful to at least mention the state/country.

If you are able to find the cheapest for where you live, go with that. If not, go with whatever is closest to where you live or work. If able to do so, post what the price of regular and premium is. Other gas can be listed as well if you want. They don’t have to be from the same place if going the cheapest route.


To get things going, I live in Hattiesburg, MS. Cheapest I found for regular and premium is $2.42 and $2.95 respectively. The closest station to where I work has it at $2.57 and $3.09.

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