What's the real reason Tesla's dropping the 75D?

I’m guessing it’s an older style battery that they’re trying to phase out, but I’d also assume that it’s to drive more buyers to the Model 3 for near-term production targets and/or greater margins at the top of that line. The cheapest Model S and X will now be $94k and $97k, respectively. The 75D could be had for $76k. Eighteen thousand dollars is quite a lot for a 27% larger “gas tank”. The optioned out Model 3 is $70.5k, while the base, no option (vaporware?) one is $44k. That’s 20 grand plus between the top of the line 3 and the cheapest S - a lot of real estate to give up in the luxury car market. The Model Y will surely slot in there nicely; I wonder if a 2nd gen Model S is coming soon, as well.

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