I was working on a car today and noticed an odd smell after getting in it. I glanced in the back seat and noticed a paper grocery bag (yes, the large ones) about half full of something that smells like a skunk and rhymes with tweed.

Other notable weird shit I've found in people's cars:

Naked pictures of what I can only assume to be their significant others (maybe not).


Sexual "toys"

Drugs of various types

Approximately 22 umbrellas. In one car. Not even the same kind. 20-some different umbrellas.


A sandwich. Not a sandwich in a baggie or wrapped up or anything, just a sandwich by itself sitting on the seat. I guess he was going to get to it later.

Please note, I would never snoop through a person's car, these were all objects that were in plain sight or were in the trunk if I had to fix a taillight or something like that.

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