Me? I came very close to buying this......

A 1981 Diesel Chevette.

(The pic isn't mine- but the car I test drove looked just like this one)

If I remember correctly, it had an non turbocharged Izuzu diesel with something like 51 horsepower. I remember the test drive like it was yesterday, I took it out on the highway to see how it did (I had a 35 mile commute at the time) and I had trouble keeping it in my lane as it wandered all over the place and I had trouble keeping it at 60 mph.

Decided it wasn't for me and bought a leftover 1980 Ford Fairmont Futura....very similar to this one. (this picture is of the very rare 1980 only 2.3 liter turbo Fairmont)


I alternately loved and hated this car.

It had one option-power steering.

On the bright side- I put almost 100k on this car in 7 1/2 years and spent "0" dollars on repairs. I changed fluids and filters and tires, but I didn't spend a penny on anything else. No brake pads, no tune ups, no water pumps....nothing.


I beat this car like a rented mule for almost 8 years and it didn't cost me a dime. Of course by the time I traded it in on my 88 Tempo....there wasn't much left of it.

Both rear fender wells had rusted out (partially my fault- I drove 20 miles with broken tire chains beating both fenderwells and fenders when I was late for work once- didn't feel like stopping to take the broken snow chains off.). The paint had gone totally non-skid by then, all the plastic "chrome" trim had turned black, the interior plastics where just completely cracked, dashboard, door trim was all faded and warped.


I had used it as a push car for a buddy once- I basically rammed him with my front bumper 10 miles to his house because he couldn't get his car started and we didn't have a tow rope.

Oh, I almost forgot- I had the interior completely cut full of holes for speakers...I liked my Bon Jovi LOUD.


It had 4 6x9 speakers in the back deck, two tweeters in the dashboad, a set of speakers in each door plus a subwoofer in the trunk. I had a couple of amps and an equalizer plugged in as well. I wired all this stuff myself and unbelievably, it worked and it sounded really awesome. It would vibrate a silver dollar off of the roof in a couple of seconds.

I traded it in for a 88 Tempo (needed a four door car-my wife had just had our first child)


I think I got 600 bucks for it and the dealer was probably being kind.......