I’m not sure a Porsche laptop bag makes your laptop go any faster, but hey you can buy one if you want one:

Over the years I’ve seen some pretty stupid (and cheaply made — always) watches, coffee travel mugs, golf shit, etc, plastered with a BMW or Ferrari logo on it and I always wonder who buys this stuff. Then I began to wonder what the worst cross-branded product is/was of all time.

I have found it, thanks to a local comedian who mentioned Hummer Cologne, which she says “smells like a bald man’s tiny penis” which had me fall out of my chair laughing. (I wish I knew her name; sorry, this was years ago.) I thought it was just part of her routine. There’s no way something like that would exist, right? Oh, but it does!


What’s the worst car-branded non car product you’ve seen?

/me makes popcorn