I’ve had 4 new cars in the last 7 years (I’m a DINK) and none of them were left unmolested. I’m a bit torn as to what the “worst” OEM part I’ve ever replaced was. First up is the exhaust. It’s the mating call of a car, so it really needs to be on point.

My old Speed3 got the business when it came to exhaust.

My Current Gen Coupe has as well.

Other than the exhaust, it’s the stereo. I’m a pretty big audiophile (I know that a car will never be the amphitheater I want it to be) and I want my head unit and speakers to be up to the task of faithfully overpowering the engine and exhaust. In the Gen, this was exactly the case.



The new head unit has many EQ and digital crossover options. It controls the horrible stock speakers a bit better and I think I might be able to live with them for a few more months (although there is still too much sibilance and the speakers are fatiguing).

With this being done, I thought I had taken care of the most horrible, most hellacious, most Hyundai, WTF were you thinking this shit has to come out of my car right fracking now!!!! Moment I was going to have....


Hyundai pipes in engine noise via a resonator and sound tube. Like so.

Fortunately there is an easy fix that will cost me only a little horsepower and possibly engine life longevity... A Short Ram Intake!!! (Because SRI’s on a NA engine totes make huge power braw)


Given that the sound tube is gone, I no care about the power loss I’m probably seeing with this SRI. I mean really, if I’m being honest, I’ll still smoke the RAM HEMI guys off the line any day of the week. If I’m lucky they’ll speed to plaid to get past me after the pull and flip me off (RAM guys are so insecure and silly).

But even this wasn’t the silliest, most skull scratching modification that I felt compelled to do. No sir, not by a long shot. The thing that I felt compelled to do was to swap the differential oil.


Yup, diff oil. You read that right.

Apparently guys with the 3.8l have been trashing diffs under factory power (so say the forums and my local Genesis group). The culprate seems to be crappy gear oil. So after 11,500 of not so soft kilometers I decided to drain the diff and swap with a full synthetic. Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, what a fucking mess....


Dark grey/black. After the swap, the diff whine I had has magically disappeared even though the dealership told me it was “normal”.

So what say you Oppo? What’s the worst thing you found in a new(ish) car that made you stomp and fume and look to an online supplier to fix??