For those of you who didn’t see it on the Oppo Facebook page, yesterday I found this winner who had parked their 2015 S550 in such a way that it blocked three parking spaces at a busy restaurant. Well, two if you found someone in a small enough car who didn’t give a fuck to park to the left of the Benz. The day before there was this tiny 1-Series that couldn’t fit in a single space at all, presumably because BMW. Neither of these were a case of “I drive a super nice car and don’t want door dings.” They were both, at least in my judgmental mind, some combination of laziness, arrogance, and incompetence. It’s also by no stretch the worst parking job I’ve ever seen. So what’s your worst? Pictures would be nice, but if not, do your best storytelling. What is the most inconsiderate, inconvenient, or utterly ridiculous and stupid place you’ve seen someone choose to leave their car? Of course, you all may be competing for second behind JQJ and the entirety of Florida.

Try to keep these to something you or someone you know saw in person. Don’t just Google stuff. Also, since I’ve picked on Mercedes and BMW, here’s another picture I took. Yes, that’s my car. Some students at my school had been complaining about my parking, so on the last day of school I parked like this. Only long enough to take a picture, though ;)