Really haven’t been around for the past couple weeks or so. Been really busy at work and other stuff going on. So, how are you guys doing?

These last couple weeks have been pretty good for me. The Bloomington Gold show was great, despite the weather being pretty bad for the vast majority of the show. My new job is awesome, and has been going steady for a little over a month now. I’m earning more money at this job, and I enjoy it more than my previous employment, so I think its definitely a win-win situation. So everything is going good, and I’m hoping it will stay that way.

Car-wise? Christine is doing great (though she is still bitter about getting poured on down in Indy), and the Taurus is going rock-steady, per usual.

So, that’s about it. Going pretty solid right now. Hopefully I won’t slip back into lurking again, but no guarentees.