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Slight spoiler? If you didn't watch the Italian GP, I guess it could be a spoiler.

Anyone have an idea of what's up with McLaren this year? I mean this is their 50th year anniversary and so far [Italian GP being the latest], they haven't won a race...let alone a podium. I haven't fact checked this, but as far as I can remember, they haven't even qualified in the top 3 positions this year. I'd understand if they didn't have qualifying speed, but had a solid race pace, but that hasn't been the case either. The highest position they've finish in was 5th. That isn't bad compared to say a backmarker, but this being McLaren, it's pretty bad. I know it's not either driver's fault - they're both solid drivers, especially Jenson, so I'd assume it's the car.

But does anyone have any idea about what part of the car is seriously underperforming? I understand it could be a sum of parts, meaning 1 part is subpar which leads to another part being subpar - such as the aero package lacking that leads to suspension set ups being wonky (maybe?). Or perhaps bad race strategy? Maybe loosing Lewis was a serious blow? Were they doomed to begin with?

Furthermore, should they bother anymore? I mean yes, you should absolutely care to win, and I'm sure they do, but should they stop trying to upgrade the car any further - meaning leaving it as is and just hoping for the best - and focus everything for next year? There's 7 races left, and if today's any indication, I don't think McLaren is going to have a shot at WCC...or even the WDC for that matter. So should they just cut their losses and shift to next year already?


I absolutely love McLaren, but it's heartbreaking to see them underperforming this year, their 50th Anniversary. Anyone have any ideas what's happening?