I’ve been looking at Ford Transit Connect vans in hopes of buying one for my business, but I’ve run into something that just doesn’t make sense to me.

There’s currently $3k dealer cash on 2016 Transit Connects and I have yet to find a dealer that will let one go for less than Sticker minus the dealer cash...like...won’t even budge. No call back, no “let me check with the manager”, just “NO” when you offer less than Sticker with dealer cash. There’s less dealer cash on 2017's, but they will come down to where the 2016 and 2017 end up being the same price. One of the dealers has a 2015! sitting on the lot new, and they won’t go less than $1k-2k off + dealer cash. It’s blowing my mind. One I’m looking at was built in February of 2016, so it’s been sitting on the lot for at least 15 months and another has been in inventory for over 12...and STILL they don’t budge. And TrueCar was saying they were giving $3-4k off sticker in my area depending on trim before dealer cash and now they just kept all the prices the same and are trying to pocket the cash. Anyway, is there something I’m missing? Because not budging on a volume vehicle you’ve been sitting on for over a year weirds me out.