Yes, judginess is a made-up word, but it works damn it.

There's been a rash of folks on here talking crap about certain types of vehicles and those who drive them, and it really needs to stop. This is actually a good life lesson as well. There are people who are not you and don't share your particular point of view. It's okay. Even those who do share your point of view on some things, disagree with you on other things. You thinking that somebody is a yuppie, douche bag, meat head, poser, or some other derogatory term just because they like a certain car or truck, or like to modify it a certain way makes you a judgmental ass.

So let's all tone down the rhetoric and remember rule #1 here on Oppo. Don't be a dick. You putting down a certain vehicle, and by extension, the driver of said vehicle is a dick thing to do.

Though we can all still agree that donks will go down among car culture's worst atrocities and there's a special place in hell for those people, right?