I’m not a total cretin, so I’ll say the death of loved one is worse. But dammit I got curb rash on one of my 2017 GTI Austin wheels.

It starts with a parallel parking job. You’ve done it before, probably 100 times in the past. You know your car, you can feel the wheelbase, you know where to line up your bumper to execute the perfect parallel parking job. The perfect job slots you in close to the curb, but not too close. It places you perfectly between the front and rear cars.

But not today. Today you were lost in thought. Thinking of work. Of bad relationships. Of health. Of life. And death.

And then the sound. The second long sound that will last years. The grinding, scraping, and peeling away of newness. A drop in the bucket of life’s small problems. But one you’ll see before every cars and coffee. You’ll remember the color of the sky, the sickening sound. The feeling of loss.

I hate curb rash.