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What's wrong with performance SUVs?

I don’t understand all the hate for SUVs. As someone who loves practical vehicles, I can’t even tell the difference between station wagons and SUVs. And who doesn’t love station wagons?

At this height isn’t this Land Cruiser just a station wagon?

I know some people think that sports cars should only have 2 doors but we’ve slowly gotten used to the performance sedan. Adding on to that, some manufacturers have made performance versions of their station wagons. As enthusiasts we seem to demand these sports models even if they only sell in limited numbers.

Subaru Legacy GT-B
Cadillac CTS-V

So why all the hate for performance SUVs? Is it just a continuation of the irrational hate for SUVs? Shouldn’t we be happy that we can get performance versions of otherwise mundane family haulers? Isn’t it great that those of us that can’t have a dedicated sports car at least have the option for a compromise?

Jeep Grand Cherokee SVT

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