A Peugeot 205 CTI that is what!

After the last two Miatas I was considered as a distraction from the Euro Hunt, I am back on track to look for an European car.

The Peugeot 205 CTI is the open top version of the Peugeot 205 GTI, which is famous as one of the best handling front wheel drive cars ever made, definitely the best one America ever missed. This car has the rev-happy 1.6 engine that made the 205 GTI a famous car. While there are Peugeots 205 GTIs that have been imported into the US, this car will be a complete foreigner in our shores. What with its bright yellow exterior and bright red interior.

Now, I am not considering this car on shock factor alone. I actually like open top cruising, I love driving with the roof off in the summer, and would lve to buy one of those Miatas, but as a family man, something tells me I need some sort of rear seat. The 205 CTI fits the bill. I also think this car would be a perfect candidate at my budget range.


The seller states in the ad that the car is in pristine condition, rides like a go-kart, with many new parts accompanied by service records. The current owner has had the car since 2002, and has kept the French convertible in top shape. The seats are the half-leather seats from the GTI, and the leather is perfect (hard to find a GTI in such shape). The car has been garaged and not driven in winter since current ownership started. The car has no rust and has just passed a new TÜV inspection, which is a good thing.


The car has a wider track with wheel spacers, a Supersprint exhaust, and a couple other mods. The engine bay looks clean enough to eat and no rust is visible under the hood: an excellent indication on an older car like this! It is a 1989 model and will be over 25 years old by the time 2015 comes around and it's time to take this French bad boy to the US.

So the question now is, rear wheel drive two seater, or front wheel drive four seater? I am visiting this car on Saturday, and have agree over the phone to a price much below asked price. I told the owner if I get there and the car is indeed as good as he says, I might buy it on the spot and drive it back home that day.