Somewhere in Guidelines For Entry Into Jalophood, lies a strict requirement for the ownership and self-maintenance of decade-plus-old used cars. In exchange for a little wrench-turning, cleaning and occasional frustration, we are rewarded with cheaper transportation costs, a self-reliant pat on the back, and, sometimes, the chance to drive something with a little character.

One of the toughest tasks in used car care for myself is cleaning and maintaining an interior. My inner penny-pincher won't allow for the complete replacement of dirty, stained interior panels and carpet with new components, but I have never come up with a system or set of tools for restoring a car's interior that wasn't limited to a wet/dry vacuum.

After scanning through's series on The Art of the Flip, I realize that a) I am hopelessly outclassed and b) I need some help.


So, what's in your interior cleaning kit?