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Helped my cousin buy his first rifle yesterday, a S&W M&P15. Got it for a good price too, about $700 out the door. He is a self-admitted panic buyer who is concerned about impending societal breakdown/looting during the coronapocolypse.

I already have a healthy arsenal to fit the homestead defense toolkit, but I’ve been on the hunt for a new carry pistol for a couple months so I also came home with a new hunk of expensive metal. I’m not sure if it’s also considered a panic buy since I already have a couple other perfectly functional handguns that are simply less suited for EDC.

Illustration for article titled Whats your biggest panic-buy? (gunlopnik edition)

(Yeah I know, you gun folks will probably scoff at me for choosing a nearly-3lb all-steel full size competition pistol for EDC. What can I say, I have an infatuation with steel. What’s an extra pound on your hip in the grand scheme of things?)

I’d love to go out and shoot a couple hundred rounds through it and vet its reliability, but all the 9mm is sold out everywhere, so it’ll have to wait a month or two. Just as well since I needed to custom-order a holster which will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. I have about a hundred rounds of FMJ, but I’d rather not shoot it up and be left empty-handed at the moment.

How about you guys? Enable any friends or family in making uncharacteristically large prep/survival purchases in the past couple weeks?

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