My friend drove his 2011 Sequoia into a pole last week. It will only cost him his deductible, but his rates will almost surely go up.

The first picture shows the main impact point. The fog light is also cracked. The second picture shows the newly widened gap between the hood and the right front quarter panel. I think the hood is still true, but the panel is definitely out of shape. The top of the panel, where it joins the A pillar, is also out of whack. The third picture shows the other side of the bumper, along with the cracked fender guard. It’s impossible to tell the amount of damage behind all of the plastic, but he is also reporting a new pull in the steering that wasn’t there before. The fourth picture shows the pole that darted out in front of him so quickly that he didn’t have time to avoid it.

My guess is that this will not be cheap to fix. I’m intrigued to know what the bumper alone costs.