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What's your favorite car or animal that you like but really don't want?

Illustration for article titled Whats your favorite car or animal that you like but really dont want?

Do you ever find that you really, really like something but really don’t want it? Especially when it comes to cars/pets? For me, the car I like but don’t want is the Aston Martin Lagonda. They’re odd-looking in a beautiful way, elegant as can be, technologically stunning on the inside, and crazy unreliable with electronics that seem to not work even if the car is in absurdly good shape. I love it, but I am content to admire it from a distance. The same thing goes for birds. Birds are my favorite animals, but I don’t quite understand the appeal of having one as a pet. They’re noisy, messy, often fussy... Some of them can do a few tricks, but mostly they’re just nice to look at. And they live for a freaking long time. Which appeals to some people, but not me. I’ll happily watch birds in nature and enjoy learning about birds, but dogs and cats make much better pets IMO. They’re cute, lovable, AND entertaining!


So what are those cars/animals for you?

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