What's your favorite car-related Youtube channel?

Recently, I really enjoyed going through Fuzzy Dice Projects on Youtube. It’s just a regular dude who documents the various projects he does on vehicles that belong to himself and his friends. I also really enjoyed Roadkill until they put it behind a paywall.

Silbergrau ZHP for entertainment purposes

I was just wondering what channels you like, because I can always use more #content.


Because I’m a beggar and a chooser: I’m not into the “overly-excited post-millennial” genre, where a group of 5 twenty-somethings with only one mechanic between them show 2 minutes worth of actual mechanical work on the video and then shout YEAH BRO while driving whatever they built around for the next 10 minutes. I also don’t enjoy Tavarish’s videos despite really enjoying his written stuff on Jalopnik because he’s just amazingly annoying on camera (and it doesn’t help that we’ve recently learned he’s a for-profit troll link farmer).

So, what wrenching channels do you like?

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