I’m all about the E53 X5 4.8is. The design of the first generation X5 is definitely polarizing, but I like it a lot. The rear is a deeply Germanic answer to following question... Jurgen: “How do we design our first SUV rear end?” Dieter: “Simple. We stretch the E46 wagon hatch.”

See what I mean? Some think it’s ugly, but I think it’s funny. That sums up my taste in cars pretty well.

It was essentially the X5M before that car existed. The “is” badge has vintage Bavarian pedigree, which is a fun bonus if you’re a BMW nerd. The 20 inch wheels are insanely wide, giving it an aggressive stance from the rear. They’re a nice design too. I also like the front. Normally I’m not a fan of shiny kidneys but they look good here.


Finally, they sound great stock:

And NUTS with an exhaust. The Dinan option will even knock your camera over:

So Oppo, which ridiculous “performance” SUVs are you into? These only have ~350 HP and TQ so they’re not that fast by modern standards.