Now that “Silicon Valley” and “Veep” have had their season finales, I’ve needed anotherTV show to occupy my time with, so I’ve gone back and started watching my favorite “Roadkill” episodes again, as well as ones I missed. Having just seen the Crop Duster episode again, I realize that was my favorite car. I love the simple sort of look it has, as well as the fact that most anyone could build a badass looking eleven - second drag car out of easily found parts for under $20,000. Plus, the ‘80's Street Car vibe with a big block is exactly how I’d build a Duster.

Also, does anyone have the exact lowdown on the General Mayhem vs. Gas Monkey pissing war? From a Jalopnik article I found, it seems like Gas Monkey brought an actual drag car and driver to the event, which wasn’t really in the spirit of it.