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What's Your Favorite type of car or story?

Hello Lurkers, OP-Lockers, Hooners, Hooniganers, drifters, mudders, street racers, bench racer, old BMW aficionados, fans of North Korea's fines vehicles and whoever else is reading this. I have recently been granted the mystical power of authorship. What I'm wondering is what do you all enjoy? Jalopnik/Opposite lock is like an automotive mad house. There are so many crazy topics going on here that I enjoy reading and I'd like to start sharing a few stories myself. We see a lot about buying and selling super cars and I've written about that myself some. We also see Ferrari high-jinks (I'd love to do that if I have the video editing skills, and a Ferrari….). Personally I'm pretty diversified in my interests. I'm into muscle cars(modern and old), hot rods (rat rods), motorcycles of all kinds, dirt bikes.


I've tried as many types of racing as I've been able to. So my question is, what do you guys like to read about? Of course if you don't have any opinions I'll eventually get around to writing some things I find interesting, which is likely best, but wanted to give you a shot to chime in. Also I wanted to meet some people. Here I am. Who are you and what do you like?


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