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What's Your Favorite Veyron ?

So, the Bugatti Veyron limited editions. There's a buttload of them (some say too much). But hey, a ton of different takes on a fantastic car, what's not to love ? I bet each and every one of you has a particular favorite. I've got a little more than one, if I'm honest, but I've tried to narrow it down to a top 5 :

16.4 Fbg par Hermès (2008)


This one's my all-time favorite. It's brown. It's tasteful. It's perfect.

Grand Sport Vitesse Jean Bugatti (2013)

I know everyone's making fun of the Légendes de Bugatti special editions, but I like them. Yes, they're an obvious attempt at getting rid of the remaining chassis as quickly as possible, but they look like Bugatti are really putting all their design talent in them. Case in point : would you just look at that interior. Almost 10 years old, and yet I think it's prettier than the Huayra's.

Grand Sport Vitesse Meo Costantini (2013)


Why yes, it's another Légendes. But it's French racing blue, and that's the quickest way to my heart.

Grand Sport Sang Bleu (2010)


I'm usually not a big fan of the shiny bits they've put on some Veyrons, but when it's done right and in a restrained manner, it's gorgeous.

Grand Sport Bernar Venet (2012)


Taking the last place on this list of cars I'll probably never see, let alone own, is this odd one. It's not really the final result that I like, more the idea behind it and the execution. I'll let the artist himself explain it, in probably the thickest French accent I've ever heard :

So these are my favourite Veyrons. Which are yours ?

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