What's your favourite racing livery (that has never appeared on a Porsche)?

Gulf. Martini. Rothmans. Brumos. Jägermeister. Sunoco. Momo. Iconic racecar liveries, all. And all have adorned various Porches in competition, some even exclusively so. Even the red and white of Marlboro, famous on McLarens in F1 and Penskes in CART/IndyCar/IRL, was splashed on the Joest-Porsche 956 of Stefan Johansson and Bob Wollek in 1983.

Now, I love a beautiful, triumphant Porsche as much as the next guy, but since they've such an illustrious racing history, they're too easy a choice when discussing paint schemes.


So, I ask you, what's your favourite livery that has not appeared on any Porsche in competition?

A good choice would be John Player Special, but for me, the Bandit's Trans Am kind-of ruined it. Burt's moustache and Lotus's F1 efforts just seem worlds apart, yet there's little to tell them apart visually. I kept my pick in the John Player family. With Player's a popular brand in Canada, it shouldn't be surprising that they've sponsored some of the country's most successful racers, and their pretty sky blue, navy blue, & white, with gold accents, is certainly distinctive if not downright pretty. Perhaps I was unknowingy inspired by the livery when I created my avatar.

The team's international stars notwithstanding, it was names like Paul Tracy, Patrick Carpentier, Alex Tagliani, and of course the late Greg Moore who made their roster read like a who's-who of Canadian motorsport in the '90s-'00s, not to mention the many international stars. Pictured below is Jacques Villeneuve in his 1995 Indy 500-winning car.


I'd love you to share your most-loved liveries that never adorned a Porsche. There are no right nor wrong answers. Bonus points (internets!) for non tobacco- or alcohol-related brands, but good luck with that, they're all so pretty ;)


Photo credits: dedayrace2 on flickr, lonestranger, Autosport

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