Imagine you could transport to any fictional universe, but you had to seek gainful employment. What would be your dream job?

Personally, I would love to be an arms dealer in the Star Wars universe. Their weapon systems are pathetic! I could make a killing selling point-defense and CIW systems to the Empire.

Go ahead, fly down that trench, I dare you.

Think about it. No Star Wars faction I know of even has Beyond Visual Range combat capability. No high-speed guided missiles to intercept marauding aircraft in-atmosphere, no shaped-charge warheads to deal with armored vehicles, and no effective body-armor.



Outside of that, I’d probably be a freighter captain in the Firefly universe. I think I would have fun being a space-swashbuckler.


What’s your fictional dream job, Oppo? No cheap-ass BS (I want to be a king/ruler/lazy-ass that doesn’t have to work), pick a real job.