What's your long term plan? Let's say 5 years from now.

For me, I've got a large range of vehicles planned.

DD: '08 Escalade, Full retard Lexani everything. This one for reliability, Baller status, and Pimp status. All in one. Also, don't judge me, Haha.

Winter Car: My '97 A4. Dependable as fuck, and Quattro.

Very unreliable weekend toy: '02 Maserati Coupe GT, 6-Speed manual. When out of service, lots of other vehicles to use in it's place. (Or an NSX, 911 or Lotus.)


Motorcycle: Ducati 899 Panigale. Perfect in red, Looks sexy, Right amount of performance.


Fun All Around car: Audi S4 Avant, B5.