For those of you that do rewatch TV series (or movies), what do you always go back to?

The Simpsons was a staple for me for a long time since you’d probably have around 6 different airings of the show between 5PM - 10PM, at least while I was growing up.

That changed as I got older, but of course I cut the cord a while ago and haven’t had cable in a long time.

However, my habit of re-watching stuff that I love never went away; since I dropped cable, I think I’ve watched The Sopranos the most, followed by Initial D. I generally don’t re-watch anime for some reason but Initial D just does it for me.

Movies, it’s easily The Lord of the Rings trilogy (yes, that’s a lot of hours to re-watch) and when I was a kid it was Independence Day (it’s a perfect movie...........) but that’s just me.


What about yall Oppos?