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What's your type?

I have to take this survey (takes about 3 minutes) for a class I have this semester. It is supposed to identify what type of consumer you are for marketing purposes and companies use it to determine what kind of people buy their product. I got a primary type of "innovator" with a secondary type of "experiencer". Personally I have some qualms with this survey, but crap like this is mildly interesting when you unleash it on a large group. Have a go at it Oppo!…

Random tidbit from the company website:

  • A European luxury automobile manufacturer used VALS to identify online, mobile applications that would appeal to affluent, early-adopter consumers within the next five years. On the basis of the VALS Innovation Diffusion model, the manufacturer identified early-adopter groups; it explored their reactions to a variety of mobile services for use in automobiles. The VALS analysis enabled the company to prioritize applications for development and determine the best strategic alliances to pursue.

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