I can’t be the only one who thinks about this.

Start with a Camry, in white. Wrap it in stock-matching dark green or something. Then, add one of those luggage carriers on the back to obscure the plate, because cops never seem to care about that. After the robbery, ditch the luggage carrier close to the crime scene with the intention of it being found. Then put on another one with different luggage, because they’re specifically looking for a car that DOESN’T have one, now. This is the part where you peel off the wrap, too. Then, meet up with your buddy in a U-haul and follow him across the country. You’re just carrying your life savings from one house to the next, so that’s why you have so much money. You also burned about $1500 so that you don’t have the same amount that was stolen. Now, you’re driving a white Camry across Montana while the Pennsylvania police are looking around for a green one.