What's your vehicle's stereotype, and do you fit it?

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I don’t know if there’s a specific stereotype for 2WD extended-cab trucks, but I feel like this should be it: a divorced construction worker father of two. Couldn’t afford a new full-size 4WD truck so he compromised and bought a new full-size 2WD model because he needed the truck capability and some space for the kids. But he loved it, and babied it. Then his son went and spilled a whole can of Dr Pepper on the middle seat’s seat belt and he didn’t talk to him for a week. But he eventually forgave him. Over time he got several raises, and traded it in for a new 4WD crew cab model. He’s happy now, but he still thinks about that old truck and how it got him where he needed to go without complaint and he smiles.


Yeah, I don’t fit that. I just wanted a pickup truck.

I do get called ‘Daddy’ sometimes though....

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