Its inspired by the similar posts on the main page.

Whats yours, whether receiving or giving?


I was at a light. Its one of those turn lanes that has a lane at the light before the actual turn. I was in the lane to make my turn at the next light. A guy in a BMW, surprise surprise, cuts me off merging into my lane. I honk. At the light, the guy gets out and starts running his mouth about whatever the fuck.

I ignore him. It pisses him off more. He grabs a tire iron and swings at the car I was in. I get out and start going off. He attempts to swing it at me, I duck and go to my car saying Im getting my gun(didnt even have one in the car). He takes off. And slams into a truck making a turn.

I take off and leave. Only to realize, on the news later that day, he was arrested for murder.


All over me honking at him for his shitting driving.