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Ever since I got it, the RX7 has had terrible radio reception, was incapable of getting loud enough to hear at highway speeds, and 75% of the time the radio would cut out when you turned left (seriously). I had planned to investigate this over the winter, which is good since my test drive a couple weeks ago revealed that the radio was silent now (except for deafening noise when adjusting the volume knob thanks to a dirty pot).


I think I figured out part of the problem. The wiring was twisted together and taped, and whoever did it had unplugged the line to the rear amp and run new wire to the rear speakers, which were in parallel with the fronts. There are also three ground wires which were cut and just dangling and other general hackery with power wires. It’s pretty safe to say there used to be an aftermarket head in here, which someone ripped out and slapped back to “stock” before selling it at some point.

I’ve put it back to stock in there except for the grounds, which I’m still trying to figure out where they go. I still have to reconnect the rear speakers to the factory harness, and may investigate the front speakers to make sure nothing fishy is going on there, too.


The radio and tape deck themselves are in fairly rough shape. Once the wiring is back together I’ll see how functional they are (the front amp may be blown from having speakers in parallel...) and go from there. Certainly shouldn’t make it any worse than “dead” though!

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