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Wheel advice

I’ve been considering buying a local set of 15” wheels from a TJ in order to throw snow tires on them, but I’m still relatively new to caring about wheels and tires. (For previous cars I’d just tell Discount Tire to give me the cheapest tires that wouldn’t kill me.)

I couldn’t think of any reason why downsizing (as a Rubicon, mine came with 16” wheels) would be a real problem, and I thought tires for 15” wheels tended to be cheaper than for 16”, but then I discovered that 15” tires seem to be harder to find. Blizzak, for example, doesn’t seem to offer any light truck sizes comparable to what I use for 15” wheels.


Are 15” wheels too passé for tire manufacturers to support? Should I think about going with something non-OEM in the 17” size instead? (Jeep changed the lug pattern from 5x4.5 to 5x5 when they introduced 17” wheels for Wranglers.)

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