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Wheel bearings confirmed.

It took nearly three weeks to get it into the dealer for service. They confirmed right front wheel bearing, replaced and all is well. They also discovered a leaking radiator, cracked thermostat housing, and PCV needed replacement. We bought a Mopar Protection Plan when we bought the Jeep, so nearly everything was covered.

My wife really likes the vehicle, so it won’t be going anywhere. Currently, it has a whopping 27k miles on it (it’s a 2014, bought in Dec 2013) and is in pretty good shape. We have another 2 years of warranty, so that’s good, as we’ll definitely hit the time limit before the mileage (100k). If she still feels like she wants to keep it after another 2 years, I could see getting another extended warranty because FCA product.


Despite its age, it’s still a sharp looking vehicle. I’m just glad we have it back functional again, I was getting tired of driving all of the time! Now the 4Runner gets a break from hockey duty. One feature I wish the 4Runner had is memory seats, although now that we’re back to being a two car family, I shouldn’t have to deal with seat adjustments for a while.

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