Ok, so I HATE the stock color of my wheels. I need your help figuring out how to change them.

I was at CAS a few weeks ago, and I REALLY liked the challenger hellcat wheels. They are like a dark gunmetal with a mix of gold/bronze. Exactly what I was thinking really for my car. What do you think? I'm open to more bronze/gold, less, etc. But can't figure out what combo to do.


Then question- how should I make them with plasti-dip? Anthracite grey as base, add copper metalizer, gold metalizer, or just vintage gold? Add in silver metalizer flake in the middle? Add in glossifier?

Or go with a black coat and one of those combos? I suck shit with color unfortunately. I WILL test on something random before my wheels, but I just can't figure it out. I'd like to eventually buy wheels in said color, but want to get a feel with dip first.