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Wheel Oppinions/Recommendation

So, I’ve had the sim racing itch lately and I want a wheel again. I used to own a G27 which was pretty good, though I never liked the noise or notchy feeling out of it. Does anyone have experience with either the Thrustmaster TMX or T150?

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I’m very interested in the T150 and would like to use it for Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4, GT6 on the PS3 and Dirt Rally/Project Cars on the PC. Is the feedback adequate? Is it actually strong? I’ve heard mixed reviews and I’m not sure what to think

Ideally I’d go with a T300RS, although I have heard of some reliability issues with them as well. I’ve also been considering the G29, but I don’t want the notchy feel from that. The only reason I’d consider it is the pedals, having a more complete package from the start. The T300RS and G29 are available to me for 250 euro each, the T150 is available for 140. I’m not sure which one would be the smarter choice.


I really would like to get more into sim racing and I’m super pumped for GT sport. I’m hoping to get plenty of practice in with GT6 before GT sport comes out without breaking the bank. I’m also not sure how much time I will get with it in the end. Any help or opinions are appreciated.

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