My (street legal) BTCC replica Vectra A isn’t progressing very well. I cannot build the new suspension before I’ll have the final tire and wheel sized fixed. Currently the car isn’t much more than a normal Vectra A with everything unnecessary removed. There are mounting foots for the cage, the fuel system has a secondary tank with a separate pump and the wheel arches have been slightly enlarged.

The original BTCC racers were actually Vauxhall Cavaliers as the British market was Vauxhall’s territory but the difference isn’t much more than the badges and the location of the steering wheel. They mostly used four different wheel styles.

BBS wheels with weird offset.

5-spoke Dymag wheels


8-spoke Dymag

OZ turbine wheels


The 8-spoke Dymags was used later than the others and they are 19" while the others are 18". The shape of the 8-spoke Dymag seems to pretty unique and I haven’t found anything that might resemble them even slightly.

I’m not building an identical replica so the BTCC cars will be resembling my car with certain things but there will be differences. I can use BTCC level ground clearance during the track days but I will have to lift it up for the street use. The appearance will likely be close to the second and the last picture as the car is already using the same style bumpers and lights. The others are from the later years with more radical aerodynamics and face lifted body.

I don’t want to get center lock racing wheels or magnesium wheels as they would be annoying to use in a street car. The wheels have to available as new or otherwise I might be in trouble if I bend one from a rare set of four wheels.


Due larger brakes the minimum diameter wheels size wheel be 17". After going through the wheel and tire options I decided that 8x18" wheels with 225/40R18 tires to be the absolute maximum. I know that these will fit the original wheel wells if the wheel has an ET of 45 mm.

As my wheel hubs come from the V6 model the bolt pattern will be 5x110 mm. An adapter for different pattern is possible (semi legal) but it will still limit the possible patterns to 5 bolts.

Currently I’m favoring the turbine style. I have three wheel model candidates.

Rona R50 Aero 8x18"


It has a variant that is ball polished but for some reason it isn’t available in the desired bolt pattern even though it is identical wheel except the surface finish.

Bola B12 8x18" (which looks pretty much identical with the OZ wheel)


Schmidt TH-line 17" (in the picture but 18" also available)

Ronal and Bola wheels are quite cheap (€200/wheel) but Schmidt wheel costs more than double the amount. And the 18" version would even cost nearly double what the 17" does. Their good point would be that the 17" version a separate outer lip and the 18" would also have separate inner lip. These lips are made of stainless steel so you could keep these looking good for decades.


Not any of these are proper racing wheels so they are likely very heavy. At some point I did find the weight for a TH-Line wheel but I only remember that it wasn’t light but not the worst either.

Bola B12 is currently my favorite choice. But I’m not completely locked up for the turbine style yet. For an example Bola also offers one 5-spoke (B10) wheels that I kinda like.


Any other ideas? Many others are available too but 99.9% of the aluminum wheels look extremely ugly and I’m very picky if I really need to buy a new set of wheels.