I have a set of cheap winter wheels (they’re the nearly-ubiquitous “sport editions” and I need to re-paint them. The finish is peeling, and I ground off all the bubbles and chips I could see. I’m not going for a concours-level finish here, these are winter wheels on a 14 year old car.

I tried running a knife along the edge of the wheel to cut the tape to shape, but it leaves a gap....

I’ve done this a few times before, though, and every time I feel like I spend an hour masking off the tires. Is there a better way? I thought about bending some old thin plastic cutting boards (these have infinite uses, by the way) but it seems ripe for one falling off just as you shoot a bit of paint over the wheel, and I’ll end up with a big paint spot on my tire.

I’m not really willing to have the tires taken off, although that would obviously solve the problem - it would defeat the whole purpose of having separate winter wheels, no?


Here’s what they looked like after a more recent coat of paint:


I’m about to go at it with 1,000,000 tiny strips of masking tape again, unless Oppo has any brilliant solutions.