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So im thinking about grabbing a set of rims for the t/a. I am obsessed with the factory style wheels, due to them being some of the best factory wheels of any car (fight me). This leaves me with three options, and pricing is not helping me out here.

My no 1 favorite option is the 1980-81 turbo/turbine anniversary style wheels, in natural finish. Its hard for me to tell without a chance to look at them side-by side, but my favorite style overall. These can also be plasti-dipped white like the pace car versions to match my white interior for a cool (retro mod-esque) effect.


Option 2 would be the year one 17" snowflake wheels. These can fit modern tires and brakes, if i so desired later. Tire costs are somewhat comparable, and understanding obsolescence it may be in my best long term interest. Tire performance will also be dramatically better. Downsides are decreased ride quality, the possibility of curbing and a somewhat loss of orignality.

Option 3 would be the factory 15" snowflake rims, which would have been the correct upgrade for my car. Still gorgeous, and I would still be a very happy boy. Style wise ( and cleaning I can imagine) they are edged out by the turbines. I highly doubt the turbines help brake cooling and likely hurt it at reasonable speed.


Im too lazy to make a poll at work.

Penny for your thoughts oppo

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