Wheel recommendations?

I’m probably going to spend my Christmas bonus (and then some) on some new wheels for the Soul this year. Thing is, though, I’d rather not spend more than $600.

Here are my wants and needs:

They should be pink. That’s just not really negotiable, unless you can find a great deal on something else. Loud and/or pastel colors preferred.



They need to have a center bore of at least 67.1. I’m not having them machined or anything. I’ll buy spacers if I have to, but that’s it.

Ideally, they should be 17x6 or 17x7. Any wider will probably not fit.

The stock offset is 47, I think. Close to that is best.

I don’t mind if they’re some weird unknown brand, but in that case, I would prefer they have some sort of return policy or warranty, just in case they’re ultra fragile and I crack one right away. That’s not a requirement, since I know my budget is low, but still.


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