As I mentioned a few days ago, I decided the best solution to the problem of having an unreliable Audi as a daily driver was to daily drive an old Alfa Romeo instead. One of the only parts missing off this low mileage example is the front driver’s side wheel cover. The wheels are 14" wheels and look like this.

Those are plastic covers, and they hide black steelies underneath. Except on the driver’s front wheel, where there is no cover. We’ve talked about removing the other three covers and spraying or even plating the steelies a matte silver, as well as the possibility of just getting different wheels. I want to know if we can skip all that. I have been unable thus far to locate the correct wheel cover on any wheel & tire site, used car parts site (including eBay), or Alfa Romeo part specialist site. Does anyone think they can locate me a matching 14" wheel cover for a 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider base?