Bought some used Austins for my 17 Golf Woflsburg, and I believe the big gift for me this year will be tires so I can finally put them on the car.

The wheels came with spacers, which are a new thing to me. My understanding is that the spacers (15mm front and 20mm rear, metal spacers) push wheel and tire out to line up with the body so you get, depending on what you read, a nice unbroken look to the car, or a more aerodynamic line to the car, or both. Also used if you go with wider tires to allow clearance in the wheel well and to avoid rubbing while turning, or adding larger calipers. The necessary longer bolts were included as well.

I’ve read you want to add a thin layer of anti-sieze to the hub and wheel side of a spacer, which is fine, since I usually put some on the studs, or in the case of this car, the bolts.

That part is going to be different for me, I’ve never had a vehicle that did not use studs. I’ll have to remind myself of that. Take out that last bolt and you better have something (I was thinking of buying a 5 or 6 inch correctly threaded bolt) in one of the holes or watch those toes. I have seen on the ECS Tuning and USP Motorsports sites a “Wheel Hanger” tool, but a long bolt is a short drive away and instant gratification.

That about covers my current knowledge of spacers. Those of you with any knowledge to pass on, I would greatly appreciate it.