First time I’ve ever had to bring my car to the mechanic - wasn’t going to kill myself over corroded hubs...

Anyway, just got a call from the mechanic and he couldn’t get the studs off the old hub. Trying to find the correct size studs online, I realize that (naturally) my Mini didn’t have studs stock - just wheel bolts. And of course replacement studs are $8+ each while bolts are (naturally) $1+ each.

So I’m thinking that I buy 8x studs and 8x bolts. If the bolts are long enough (for the aftermarket wheels I have now), I’ll use them and return the studs. If not, return the bolts.

The question is this: do you think the stock bolts will be long enough and I’ll be able to use them with my aftermarket wheels?
I have no idea how long the studs are or how they compare size-wise to stock bolts... Would most wheels work interchangeably with bolts vs studs or are bolts commonly replaced because they’re not long enough for aftermarket wheels??