Wheel suggestions - Mazda 6 MPS/Mazdaspeed 6

I’m thinking about stuff to do with my Mazda 6 MPS over the next year if it passes the yearly check next month... Up until today the shortlist looked a bit like this;

  • New exhaust system (quite like how this one sounds)
  • New air intake
  • New springs/shocks

Today I had my winter tires put on and I noticed the wheels are starting to look like crap. Pieces of paint flaking off due to rust bubbling up etc. They are the original wheels, so about 12 years old. They still look decent for that age, but now of course I’m thinking new wheels should find it’s way to the list.


No idea where to start, so suggest me some please :). Below is a side shot of my car to get an idea of what the wheels would go on and for those inclined to Photoshop them on.

I think Mazda did pretty well with their wheel choice, but finding clean OEM wheels is hard.

Meanwhile, here’s an updated issue list for those of you who might remember previous posts about the Mazda. Updates since September after the //:

  • Airbag/seatbelt pre-tensioner warning light permanently on // This is the main issue and a reason why it would not pass the yearly check. My regular guy could not access the airbag control unit and jiggling/pushing the connectors in under the seat did not help either. So will be going to the dealer tomorrow and see what the damage to my wallet might be... 
  • Minor oil leak near engine // Still there, should be OK as long as I monitor levels etc
  • Possible fluid leak near rear axle but never saw it myself // Possibly still there, no update
  • Leaky exhaust needs welding // Drove around too long with leaky catback exhaust. Had to be mostly replaced. Found a guy who did decent work for not too much money and it did not ruin the sound so far.
  • Rubber belt on side of the engine is rubbing against something // Still rubbing
  • Headlights are modded and not working like they should // Looking for replacements but no idea if regular Mazda 6 lights will work
  • Airconditioning doesn’t work // Not important for another 6 months
  • 6 CD changer doesn’t work // Not important

For all its flaws it still drives really well and will push you into the seat with the turbo kicking in, all while hauling 3 extra adults in a full leather interior playing your favorite driving music over the Bose sound system... I will make this car last as long as I responsibly can...

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