These days it seems that everyone on Oppo has a semi-regular thematic post series, and so reflecting on Stephen Colbert's sage advice of "I am America, and so can you," I've decided that I too can have a semi-regular thematic post series!

Thus is born Wheel-to-Wheel Wednesdays. In this semi-regular thematic post series, I go to the youtubes and track down (hopefully) high-quality footage of wheel-to-wheel racing from the years gone by. I was inspired by my own post from yesterday (you are pretty great, Bob), and so today we start a new tradition. We'll see how long this lasts, if I'll remember to do it next Wednesday, and if any of you will give a shit either way.

So, after that unnecessarily rambling long introduction to a wholly unimportant series of posts, we come to today's edition of Wheel-to-Wheel Wednesdays. Continuing the theme of my self-sourced and self-righteous inspiration, this installment comes again from the world of SCCA Runoffs, this time from 1980's C Production Race.


Any significance to this race? Well, for starters, current F1 talker man (former F1 driver man) David Hobbs is spearheading the coverage and leads in with a completely overblown introduction where he points at big satellite dishes and discusses the technical difficulties in covering a car race. I'm not sure where he's going with that, but I'm also pretty sure he's not drunk, which seems to be a victory given his recent track record on NBC/SPEED.

Actual significance? Paul Newman in a Datusn going bonzai on everyone's asses to try to win the race, plus you get to see Jag E-Types racing alongside Porsche 944s alongside Datsuns alongside TR7s. Enjoy.


Tips: Skip to 4:00 if you want to get right to the racing, skip to 10:30 if you want to see a TR7 get PIT maneuvered.